For over 30 years Commission Air has worked continuously and closely with Government agencies and private companies to provide them with Aerial Photography of unparalleled detail and clarity for condition surveying and building inspection.

From our Helicopter using our 50 million pixel camera we will provide complete coverage of your site including a plan shot looking vertically straight down and highly detailed close ups that are perfect for inspection. Our high resolution Aerial Photography provides you with visual data reducing the need for site visits, and provides a permanent record for historical reference. Also, all of our images contain valuable GPS data allowing you to see the precise location from where the photo was taken.

  • Speed

    We use Helicopters to conduct surveys meaning we can cover many more sites in one day than ground based or drone surveys. Once the survey is complete your imagery will be delivered to you via secure Dropbox link within 3 working days.

  • Detail

    Our 50 million pixel cameras and lenses allow you to zoom in to inspect even the smallest of details without loss of clarity. Our Aerial Photographs are commonly used to assess the condition of building roofs and other hard to reach areas.

  • Value

    With nationwide coverage and monthly flights Commission Air provides imagery for inspection and condition surveying from prices as low as £xxx for multiple sites.