For more than 30 years, Commission Air has been the leading supplier of Aerial Photography to the Construction Industry. With thousands of satisfied customers in the public and private sectors, our detailed aerial images provide valuable information regarding their construction projects. Information is regularly used for Progress Monitoring, Marketing, Display and Client distribution.

With a Nationwide monthly flight schedule, using 50 megapixel cameras and the best quality lenses our aerial photographs deliver hair splitting detail, ideal for comprehensive digital inspection and tracking of construction progress wherever your site is in the country.

The cost of the service is only £449 +vat and will provide:

  • A minimum of 30 high resolution photographs with 50 million pixels and GPS data.
  • Close and wider panoramic images from all directions together with a vertical detailed plan shot.
  • Delivery via Dropbox.
  • Full and complete copyright.
  • Photographic flights every month of the year.
  • Nationwide Coverage.
  • Discounts on 6 or more sites or visits.


Aerial Photography Applications

  • Websites, presentations, exhibition stands and other marketing material.
  • Construction projects, at strategic intervals from initial planning through to completion.
  • Management reporting and forward planning.
  • Supporting disputes over issues such as boundaries and construction penalties.

Benefits of Aerial Photography

  • Providing a unique perspective particularly for marketing.
  • Assisting with accurate conveying of information. Supporting management & progress reporting.
  • Provides a permanent historic record, conveniently held in a digital format.
  • Reducing site visits saving time and travel costs.
  • Providing visual access to inaccessible areas, such as roof condition surveying.
  • Commission Air’s aerial photographs contain embedded date/time/GPS data. This is invaluable in supporting decision making and providing accurate information particularly if evidence based information is required. e.g. Health & safety, penalty disputes.