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Why use drones when we can provide:

£295* fixed price countrywide = Full coverage - 50 MP - full copyright

  • Stunningly Close Up Images
  • 27 Years Experience
  • Highly Competitive Price
Why use drones for aerial photography when you can get amazing quality and close up detail from our helicopter? Vertical plans, wide angle panoramics and stunningly detailed close up images are all part of our standard package.

High Quality Aerial Photography From Every Angle    

The versatility of helicopters means that we can capture close up and also panoramic images which are hard to achieve by drones as they are restricted to the height that they can fly, especially within cities, and have limited capability in windy conditions. Drones are also restricted due to health and safety. 

We offer countrywide flights at a highly competitive price of only £295, apart from the London area were a special price applies. We also offer discounts for multiple sites and visits. Drone aerial photography typically costs between £400-£1000, and can often mean one or two pilots being onsite for at least half a day. 

We use Canon Eos 5DSr digital cameras with an amazing 50 megapixel resolution and the best quality lenses. This means we can take higher resolution images with no compromise on quality which means you get super sharp images every time.

Most drone operators are new to the industry. We have 27 years experience and a highly experienced team who are passionate about aerial photography. Our commercial pilots and photographers have thousands of flying hours and bring years of experience to each shoot.

All our images are processed and individually quality controlled in our photographic department. This ensures that all of our aerial photographs are of a consistent high quality. 

On each site we ensure total coverage by taking a wide variety of images capturing all angles including a vertical plan, panoramic images & stunningly detailed close-up aerial photographs. 


* our standard aerial photography is usually £389.

Vertical Plan Shot

Panoramic Image

Close Up Image

Detailed Close Up Image


The tables below provide information on how we differ from using a typical drone aerial photography operator. We have compared the key areas of camera equipment and aircraft capabilities.

CameraDrone CameraCanon EOS-5DS R
Acres in plan 5 50
Megapixels 20 50
Lenses Fixed focal length All Canon lenses from 12-500mm
Maximum site size 10-15 acres 1000+ acres
Resolution 5472 x 3648 8688 x 5791
Sensor size 5 x 4 mm 35.9 x 24mm
Video Recording 1080p 30 & 720p 1080 30p & 720 60p

Our choice of equipment allows us to capture higher quality images than the majority of drone operators. The larger number of pixels in our images allows you to get closer to the fine details of your site. This in combination with the incredibly wide range of lenses that we are able to use means that we can take a wide range of shots; from wide angle panoramic images to highly detailed close ups.

Flight CapabilitiesAvg. DroneRobinson R22 HelicopterAS355 helicopter
Endurance Approx 20 mins Approx 3 hrs Approx 3 hrs
Engine Brushless Electric Motor Lycoming O-360 2x Allison 250-C20F Turboshaft
Max air speed 30 mph 117 mph 172 mph
Max sites per day 1-3 35+ 35+
Max take-off weight 2500g 622kg 2540kg
Payload 800g 176kg 1163kg
Power n/a 131hp 2 x 420hp
Weight 1800g 399kg 1305kg

Using helicopters gives us greater operational flexibility than drone operators. The ability to carry heavier equipment and fly further and faster allows us to cover many more sites in one day. By operating this way we are able to provide the highest quality images at a great value price.