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Our aerial photography offers stunning high resolution aerial images. With monthly coverage, highly detailed images & a wide variety of shots there is no better way to get beautiful images of your building or site in the UK.

Only £389 including 25+ Images, 50 megapixels and full copyright.

Commission Air provides high quality aerial photography for clients across the country every month. Aerial photographs are commonly used for advertising, display and thanks to the superb image quality, provides detailed condition surveys & progress photography.

You will receive aerial photographs that provide complete coverage of your site taken using our 50 million pixel high resolution camera. One will be a plan shot looking vertically straight down, followed by images to show the site in its surroundings and detailed close up oblique aerial photographs to show your site in detail.

All of our aerial photographs are geo-referenced allowing you to pinpoint exactly where the image was taken from, great for client presentations and detailed condition surveying. Included in our standard package is full copyright to all of the aerial photographs.

We use helicopters as they provides us with greater operational flexibility and allow us to fly further and faster to cover multiple sites in one day, that would not be possible with a drone operator. Helicopters provide us with the ability to carry quality equipment to capture detailed photography.

“Working with Commission Air has been a pleasure. They have consistently risen to the challenge of capturing the imagery we require. The results have been great quality, perfectly illustrating the breadth and scale of our projects.”
Sarah Howarth, Solar Century

“Commission Air regularly provides Bouygues Traveux Publics with high quality aerial images. We have found that these images are invaluable.”
Caroline Young, Bouygues Traveux Publics

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London Aerial Photography

Aerial photography in the Central London area can be challenging. Our pilots and photographers have the experience to get the best images every time.

£595 :
25+ images, 50 megapixels, Full copyright

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Summary of applications & benefits of aerial photography

Commission Air has been the UK leader in the field of aerial photography for almost 30 years with thousands of satisfied customers in the public and private sectors. We offer a great price of only £389 per site visit and this allied to the fact that we use the best equipment available means we can offer great value service.

Aerial photography applications

Benefits of aerial photography

The cost of the service is only £389 + VAT and will provide: